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Interesting Running Events 2009
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Posted by: PRR Executive @ 4:18 pm

Some of our favourite events are listed under running links on this site(   They’re repeated here along with some other races you might want to investigate.  We may not have date information for races that fall later in the year - so for now we’ve just listed them under the appropriate month.  We’ll update the dates as soon as possible.  

Some less local events to think about – PRR members are planning to attend.  The more, the merrier.

October 18, 2009 - Nike Women’s Marathon and Half Marathon (run like a girl!) – San Francisco
November 1, 2009  – New York City Marathon – New York
October 10, 2010 – Chicago Marathon (planning ahead for this one!)

Jan 1 - Fatass 50km
50 km or any distance you want.
Jan 1 - Resolution Run
Denman St Running Room

Jan 19 - Chilly Chase Langley
5k, 10k, 15k
Feb 1 - Steveston Ice Breaker
8 km – part of Timex series

Feb 15 - First Half
With the exception of Barb D, Premica, Sukhi, Paul B and Brian – PRR members won’t be participating in this one.  We’re too busy organizing it to run it. The PRR volunteer brigade will be in full force to cheer on our own 5 runners and everyone else on the course.

Feb 15 - Historic Half  - Langley
Half Marathon
Given how committed all PRR members are to the success of the First Half, we’re too busy volunteering at our event to participate in this one.
***Knee Knacker entry deadline:  February 28, 2009***

Mar 8 - Harry’s Spring Run-Off

Mar 14 – Green Sock Half Marathon & Shamrock’n Race – Abbotsford
Half Marathon, 10k, 5k

Mar 28 – Friends in Motion
10km, 3km, 3 km walk

Mar 28 - Spring Classic
5k  Part of the Timex Series


Apr 4 – Birch Bay Road Race
30km, 15km, 5km

Last year the Pacific Road Runners won the Club Challenge with 4 age group firsts and 64 points.  The good news:  you don’t have to be fast to contribute.  Everyone who finishes the race adds points to the club total.  Let’s send a crowd down and keep our title!

Apr 5 -  April Fool’s Run - Sunshine Coast
Half Marathon

Apr 19  - Vancouver Sun Run  (25th Anniversary)
10k   Part of the Timex Series*

Apr 26 - Times Colonist - Victoria
10k  Part of the Timex Series*


May 3 - BMO Vancouver Int. Marathon
Marathon, Half Marathon, 8km
Note:  no relay this year


May 31  - Shaughnessy 8k
8 km  Part of Timex Series


Jun 6 – Vancouver 100
100km  Formerly known as the Double Knee Knacker

Jun 6 - Scorched Sole
25k / 50k / 50 mile
Runs 18 trestles of the fantastic Kettle Valley Railway.  Scenic!

Jun 7 - Sandcastle City Classic – White Rock
10k   Part of Timex Series

Jun 12 -  Longest Day
10km, 5k   5km is part of Timex Series

Jun 14 - Edge to Edge - Tofino
Marathon, Half Marathon and Relay

We’re making this a club event. We’ve entered 2 relay teams in the race and booked accommodations for up to 16 people. Priority on the accommodations goes to the 10 relay members, then first-come first-served for anyone participating in the full or half marathon.

Jun 20 - Chip’s Not Dead Yet Mile
Craziest 1 mile race ever.  (see comment #3 below)

Jun 28  - Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon
Half Marathon, 5k


July 11 - Knee Knacker
50 km  (pure hell – unless you’re the type who enjoys that kind of thing.)

If you don’t want to run or don’t get in via the lottery come out and volunteer with PRR at Cypress or Skyline Aid Stations.

Jul 18  - Summerfast


Aug 4 - World Police & Fire Games Cross Country

Aug 9 -  World Police & Fire Games
Half Marathon

100 mile, 50 mile and relay
The relay is popular with club members. In 2008 we entered and subsidized 3 teams.

Richmond Flatlands
5km & 10Km


Coho Festival Run

Bellingham Bay Marathon
Marathon, Half Marathon, 5k

Oct 4- Portland International Marathon
Marathon, 5 miler, 10km walk  (no half-marathon)

Oct 11 - Victoria International Marathon (and club trip for Fall 09)
Marathon, Half Marathon and 8K

Oct 11 - Okanagan International Marathon - Kelowna
Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K

Oct 12 - Turkey Trot - Granville Island

Oct 18 - Burnaby Lake Rubber Ducky Run
7 mile, Half 
There may not be a lot of support on the course but you get a rubber ducky medal when you finish!

Oktoberfest Brewski Daddle
2.5 and 5km fun run followed by German food and music (& beer garden)

Oct 18 - Nike Women’s Marathon – San Francisco
Marathon, Half Marathon
Never mind a medal – you get a Tiffany necklace when you finish.

Oct 25, 2008 - James Cunningham Seawall Race
9.5 km


November 1 – New York City Marathon

November 7 - Haney to Harrison Relay & Ultra
8 person relay or 100 km Ultra

Fall Classic
Half, 5K, 10K  or do like some PRRers and make up your own distance ;)

November 29 – Seattle Marathon
Marathon, Half Marathon

3 Responses to “Interesting Running Events 2009”

  1. Dan Says:
    The New York City Marathon is not to be missed. I know many PRR members have run it before, but for first timers or those thinking about it you need to know about a couple of things. 1. Basic entry is by lottery and over 100,000 applied last year for a nominal 38,000 spots (in practice they take more, but it usually tops out around 39,000). 2. If you are outside the USA, you can get in through a travel package which includes the entry. In the past, NS Athletics and Running Room have both offered access. Usually, you must at least book hotels or flights plus the entry, and of course, you can do the whole thing. I found that (unless you have friends to stay with or plan to be in the area anyway), the package is reasonable and you get everything. 3. If you are fast, you can get a guaranteed entry, but be warned the standards are tougher than Boston. The good news is that you can use a half marathon time. NOTE: I tried to check on a link for the times, but they are still wrapping up this year’s race, so that info is not posted at the moment. 4. There are some charity options that also come with a guaranteed entry. 5. Finally, if you go in the lottery 3 times in a row, without success, you will get the 4th one guaranteed, but I don’t know of any such sad stories among our members at this time. Great race. If you are thinking about, I say “GO FOR IT!”
  2. Dan Says:
    Found it! I searched around a bit and while they don’t have it on the actual ING NYC Marathon site at the moment, I believe these are the current standards for guaranteed entry. The qualifying standards are as follows, by age-group: MEN - 18-39 years-old: Marathon, sub-2:55 or half-marathon sub-1:23 40-49: Marathon, sub-3:10 or half-marathon sub-1:30 50-59: Marathon, sub-3:30 or half-marathon sub-1:40 60+: Marathon, sub-3:45 or half-marathon sub-1:48 WOMEN - 18-39 years-old: Marathon, sub-3:23 or half-marathon sub-1:37 40-49: Marathon, sub-3:38 or half-marathon sub-1:44 50-59: Marathon, sub-3:52 or half-marathon sub-1:50 60+: Marathon, sub-4:13 or half-marathon sub-2:00:30
  3. Paul Says:
    The “Chip’s Not Dead Yet Memorial Mile” will be on Saturday June 20th this year. The organizers plan it as a all day event with the races starting late in the afternoon. Earlier in the day, they will have non-running events as part of the West Point Grey street festival.

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